Rural Electrician for Orange, NSW Central West

Rural Electrical Services
Little’s Power, in Orange, is a licensed rural electrician with Level 2 Accreditation.

We provide rural electrical services to homes and businesses in the NSW Central West region. Our services are available on-call to satisfy the demands of both new builds and renovations.

We also provide scheduled electrical maintenance that provides peace of mind and averts potential problems for owners of rental and commercial properties.

From fitting interior or exterior lighting and new power outlets to upgrading switchboards and installing new hot water services, Little’s Power is at the cutting edge. Our prices are competitive and our expertise makes light work of every challenge we face.

Our Level 2 accreditation means we arrive early on the scene to connect properties to the power grid—new dwellings, as well as out buildings and pump houses.
Rural Land — Electrical Services in Orange, NSW
In many rural situations, there are compelling reasons to have power lines laid underground. Apart from the power lines being pleasingly out of sight, this means vehicle height clearance and importantly, the threat of power lines being brought down in wild weather, will no longer be a concern.

We have the equipment to complete the trench-digging and cable hauling. We take care of everything.

We’re safety-first electricians and nothing we do will compromise either your safety or your compliance with local government regulations.

Whatever electrical work you’re needing at your property, you won’t find anyone better to complete the work than Little’s Power.

Call today. We can quickly answer your questions and provide you with a free quote.