Commercial & Industrial Electrician near Orange

Commercial & Industrial Services
Little’s Power is a fully licensed, Level 2 accredited commercial and industrial electrician based at Orange.

Throughout the Central West of NSW, business owners count on us for electrical services with honest pricing and uncompromising quality. We get the job done right the first time.

From Orange to Oberon, from Bathurst to Blayney, we have earned our accreditation, completing projects of every size and scope.

Connecting your premises to the electricity grid is an easy ask, thanks to our Level 2 Accreditation. Wiring an additional power point for you won’t be a problem either. We take pride in all of our work, regardless of what it entails. Small jobs are given the same level of attention the big jobs demand.

Along with meeting and often exceeding our clients’ expectations, safety is a high priority at Little’s Power. And we know it’s also a high priority for business owners.

Making sure your electrical infrastructure complies, we can test and tag your appliances, as well as check that your circuit breakers are in good working order, including RCDs and smoke alarms.
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Reducing Your Power Bills

You can definitely benefit from our expertise at Little’s Power to find ways to save money on your electrical expenses.

After analysing how you are currently using your electricity usage, we then see what technology can bring to the situation. In almost all cases, solutions are available that would shave dollars off power bills.

Using off-peak power more wisely makes sense. Investing in newer, better air conditioning units and hot water systems can save money over persisting with outdated models.

LED lighting is another way you can save a significant amount of money. This is technology that enjoys long-life performance and creates no energy-wasting heat that also causes potential fire hazards.

Upgrade When You Have the Chance

It makes sense to include an upgrade or overhaul of your business’s electrics when your property is undergoing renovation or refurbishment.

This is an ideal time to plan to have more convenient power outlets added, more strategic lighting installed, and to consider the use of your air conditioning, perhaps replacing it with a more efficient system.

We can also complete any cabling in your premises for your computers and phones.

Our rates are very competitive and our quotes will cost you nothing.