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About Us
At Little’s Power, our licensed Level 2 accredited work with electrical energy comes backed by a friendly, enthusiastic energy.
Quality electrical services at down-to-earth prices is what we provide to our customers—residential, rural, commercial and industrial. Importantly, we’d like our customers to recommend us to their friends and colleagues and continue using our services into the future.
In order for this to become a reality, we make sure that our response times are prompt and that our workmanship and attention to detail meets and often exceeds expectations.
Introduction — Electrical Services in Orange, NSW
Based at Orange, we service the surrounding areas of the NSW Central West, including Bathurst, Parkes, Forbes, Oberon, and Blayney.
Regardless of the size of your project, you’ll get exceptional customer service from Little’s Power.
Alex Little, owner at Little’s Power, devoted 2 years to working on high-voltage substations to add further to his knowledge as a Level 2 Electrician.
He has since worked on large commercial projects, consolidating his company’s capacity to complete every kind of electrical work to the highest standards for builders and architects.
But, more than a thirst for knowledge and a passion for electrical expertise, Alex is driven by the enjoyment of working with fellow locals—not just worksite colleagues but his customers.
You only need to contact Little’s Power and start the conversation about your electrical requirements. You’ll quickly realise that, with Alex and his team, you’re in exceptional company when it comes to electricians who have the skills and who care.
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At Little’s Power in Orange, we want you to be informed when choosing an electrician and have included answers to our most frequently asked questions. Of course, if your question is not answered on this page, simply leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with the information you’re needing.
Will I need to update my home’s wiring when I renovate?
In most cases, this presents an ideal opportunity to update your electrics. Many renovations will be adding, rather than decreasing, electrical load, so you want to make sure your switchboard and wiring are ready for it. A phone call to Little’s Power will get you sorted. Call now.
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