Reliable residential electricians near Orange, NSW

Residential Services
From wiring new builds to repairing ovens, Little’s Power is ready to take care of all your electrical needs.

We are Level 1 & 2 accredited electricians. You’ll get high-calibre professional work, along with down to earth prices and exceptional customer care.

The list of what we can complete for you would be shorter if we simply itemised the electrical work we don’t do. Suffice to say, we do it all.

We can connect your home to the grid. By underground cable if you’d like.

We wire houses from scratch. If you’re renovating, we can make sure you get new power points where you need them. And, of course, we can ensure that your switchboard is ready for the changes to the load.

Safety is a number one priority at Little’s Power. We are always available to take care of those potential problems you need to be wary of.
Installing Lights — Electrical Services in Orange, NSW
We install circuit breakers and RCDs (Residual Current Device) to intercept surges, overloads, short circuits, and other unwelcome occurrences, before they endanger your home and your loved ones.

We’re big fans (yes, we install ceiling fans) of LED lighting. This technology doesn’t heat up and the globes have a rated life of up to 50,000 hours. We’ll do the maths for you. Leave the light on 12 hours a day and your 50,000 hour-rated LED bulb would last more than 11 years.
Lighting up your home isn’t all about the interiors. Benefit from our expertise to illuminate your paths, driveways, garages and sheds and bathe your outdoor areas in atmospheric lighting.

You can also count on us when you arrive home after dark. We can install motion-triggered security lighting that will provide you with all-important light to help you get indoors safely.

We also install hot water systems saving you money with off-peak systems.

Call Little’s Power for all your residential electrical needs. A quote will cost you nothing.
Luxury Light — Electrical Services in Orange, NSW